Omelets and Owls

Good morning world! The birds are singing, the owls are hooting, and the coffee is brewing. Our monday morning has been an eventful one. When I was cooking breakfast, we noticed a barred owl in our yard. It has been hanging around for the last few mornings and we finally got a good look at it. I nearly burned my omelet because I was so distracted by the sighting. For breakfast I made a Thai style omelet with sriracha sauce. I love me some sriracha!

And of course coffee!

After breaky, my daughter and I went on an owl hunt. We found it! It hooted at us and took off. I need a better lens, and maybe some skills with that.

Barred Owl

The past week has been so dreary out, but we still enjoyed our jaunt through the forest. It is so quiet around here, all we heard was the owl, birds singing, and the wind blowing water droplets all over the leaves. Such a great way to start the day.


Hope your Monday is going well! I have homeschool stuff to do, loads of dishes, and a run/weight training session to do today. See you all later, perhaps after dinner!

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