Happy First Day of Summer!

Today is the first day of summer, and it feels like it! After many days of clouds and rain we finally have sun. I think it is only one day of sun, but it doesn’t matter. I am parked on the porch getting my vitamin D so I don’t get mistaken as one of the Cullen family members.


It is such a nice day, I really needed this.

So Father’s Day din came out well, I want to tweak the marinade a bit. I also over cooked the meat. I need to get used to the new grill. Our last one was an infared style, so no major flame ups. This new BBQ is  different. I love it, just need to figure it out. After Father’s Day we went camping in eastern Washington in search of sun, but we got wind. We still enjoyed a nice 4 mile hike to look for blue agates.

cowboy bacon cooked over a fire

hike around hwy 97 by Leavenworth


I love seeing new places!

Back to the sun! I am waiting for the hubby to come home with mojito goodness.

About a half hour later

strawberry lemon mojito

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