Will Run for Pizza and Hard Cider!

I found my motivation hiding in the shoe closet and I got my run on. I am not sure why my motivation keeps hiding from me, perhaps we need to have a serious talk about commitments and loyalty. Today I did 4 miles in 52:44. That is a mere 4 seconds faster than my last 4 miles. Baby steps. I think I am going to lay out my week of training, so I can hold myself accountable, maybe I will feel like someone else is holding me accountable as well. So here is what I have planned:

Monday: Run. 4 miles. Check

Tuesday: Weights

Wednesday: Run

Thursday: Weights

Friday: Run…maybe (trip to Seattle)

Saturday: Run if I miss it on Friday

Sunday: Off

Now usually during the day we do all sorts of outdoor activities or yard work depending on the weather, I usually don’t count those for my training. Now that I have laid this out let’s hope I stick to it. I need to remember how I feel after, which is usually great! Running and weight training boost my confidence and self esteem, which is much better than negative thoughts. Plus, I get to eat pizza and drink hard cider after. SCORE!

Tonight I made fig and caramelized onion pizza, topped with gorgonzola, toasted walnuts, and rosemary. Recipe soon!

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