Time for Change!

This week has been super busy since this is the last week the hubs is home. We painted a bathroom, went to Seattle, moved an office out of the master bedroom into the workout room, and tons of other stuff. We used to have our office stuff in the master bedroom, but it wasn’t working out. It wasn’t a pretty area, and the bedroom is a beautiful space. When we moved here, our furniture fit our old house, which had lots of corners and wall space. Now we have odd corners/no corners at all and tons of gorgeous windows! We finally decided to move the office to the workout room after a little re-organization of our sports stuff. It is working great! It is now a space that I can go when I need quiet time to do homework or just be on the computer. The sound of electronics is no longer buzzing and un-finished stuff is out of sight and out of mind…kind of. This room is attached to our garage, and used to scare the crap out of me when we first moved here. There were creepy spiders and baby mice that used to appear in the same spot every morning, like mom was sacrificing them…weird, I know. I never came out here! So my husband figured it would be a good idea to remodel it and buy a whole bunch of exercise equipme nt for our 11 year anniversary. So now, this room is one of my favorite places. Anyway….Now I am blogging from here! Cool!

On Friday, we had appointments in Bellingham and in Seattle, so we made one big day trip. After an appointment in Seattle, we decided to explore Chihuly Garden and Glass. It was amazing! After, we ate dinner at Sea Star, which was good. Just good. I had the Sesame-Peppercorn Crusted Seared Ahi, and I really enjoyed the rice cake. I must learn how to make it! I also enjoyed a blood orange margarita. After that, it was time to make the long trip home.

Now for the time of change! I have been in a massive rut lately. It helped to do some home re-organization, but now it is time for me. I have gained about 10 pounds since moving to Washington. It sucks. I have allowed myself to get out of shape and my eating habits are a mess. Before we moved here, we traveled from Alaska and around the US in an RV. It was tons of fun, and we had great weather in places like California, Colorado, Utah, Texas, and other states. It was so easy to get out and run, ride bikes, and tons of hiking and rock hounding. Don’t get me wrong, it is so beautiful here, but we live on this hillside, and it is straight down our road from the house to the main road. It is kind of hard to stay motivated, and I really don’t want my daughter riding on our narrow country roads. It is rare for me to get out and do any road running. I have also tried to accept myself for the size that I was, and doing so made me relax the eating habits a little. I usually don’t gain, but I did this time.     When I weighed myself this morning, I clocked in at 162.4 pounds. I am still healthy, but I feel like a slug. It is time for me to pull my head out of a southern region and take control! My goal is 10 pounds by my birthday on August, 21st. I think that is acceptable and doable. I am going to do it the ole’ fashioned way of cutting back on what I eat, and watch my binge habits. In order to help myself out, I actually meal planned! I never meal plan! I am hoping I stick to it, pack lunches when I leave the house, and not buy extra crap. Crap as in mocha shakes and Starbucks breakfast sandwiches. So here’s to change! Spare change, major change, and small change!

Now off to make my last pizza for a month till’ the hubby comes home.

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