Fun Friday Eats!

Today I decided on an “off” day. I didn’t want to diet and I didn’t want to run. I did however, want to stick to a maintenance day. When I woke up, I was feeling tired and sore, so I knew I needed it. Today, my daughter and I went to Bellingham for a chiropractor appointment, and I only hit up Starbucks for an iced soy latte…not bad for me. Usually I get a breakfast sandwich to go with the iced latte, but today I knew I could wait to get home to eat TJ’s sushi. So here is my food for the day:


Breakfast: Envirokidz cereal with 1% milk

Lunch: TJ’s spicy california roll with Starbucks iced vanilla soy latte

Snack: TJ’s peanut butter cups

Dinner: leftover roast chicken and TJ’s red lentil masala

Dessert: 4 beers (still working on it)

So that’s why I gained weight! I was drinking my calories. I am so ashamed. Oh well, I see the culprit now. I could have fixed that with running, but again, I needed a rest day. No biggy! Anyway, while enjoying this beer, a black bear decided to visit. I live in a Twilight movie scene, and it is out in the middle of nowhere, so bears and all sorts of wildlife are very common. I didn’t expect to see a black bear while sunning on my porch! I love wildlife and where I live, BUT…I had to round up these girls:

Of course this kind of thing happens when my husband is away at work. I yelled at the bear and took off like mama hen to protect her flock! I got six chickens and two ducks rounded up and into their coop in record time. Luckily, the coop is near our dog run, so they will let me know if there are any wanna be intruders. I guess I will be missing some sleep, but these girls are our egg layers and we love them like our pets.

See you tomorrow!

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