Saturday Eats!

Happy Saturday to you all, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. My daughter and I have been enjoying this lovely sun in our own backyard, but tomorrow we are off to the park. After yesterdays bear sighting, we were pretty loud in our yard. We watered the garden, chased chickens and ducks, and lounged around. Luckily, no bear!

Our flock

My food intake today is nothing to brag about, but it isn’t horrid either. Here is what I ate today:



Breakfast: toast, 1 slice goat dutch cheese, 1 egg, greek yogurt, and Starbucks iced vanilla latte (freebie from yesterday when they messed up my order)

Snack: banana

About an hour after my snack, I did 3.1 miles on the treadmill in 37:55. I think I am ready to take my daughter with her bike to Birch Bay this week. It is sunny, and I think I need to get off the treadmill for a run.

Lunch: TJ’s Palak Paneer over jasmine rice. So yummy! I could eat this all the time

Snack: Kind Bar Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

Dinner: 1/2 lb beef patty, 2 slices toast, cheese, 6 cherry tomatoes

Dessert: beer on the porch

For this next week, I don’t really want to use myfitness pal. I know I should, but I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what portions I need to eat, what I need to change, etc…I have planned 2 side dishes that I will cook to accompany some meats. My breakfasts will stay the same, because I am not a big breakfast person and don’t need the variety. My lunches will also stay the same, revolving around leftovers, or a simple veggie with meat. What I will change this upcoming week is my alcohol intake. That is my calorie problem right there! I drink water all day. At night, I just want something else! Maybe I need to try sparkling water or one natural cola to satisfy that craving. I know I also need to add more vegetables, but right now, I don’t want them. I love avocados, brussel sprouts, and much more! I just need simplicity right now.

Well folks, tomorrow is my last fun-filled-food-picture journal! I know, I am sad too. But, I will still post my weekly stats, so don’t fret. I have my shopping list ready for tomorrow, and my motivation in tow. I know this upcoming week will be a success as well…if not better!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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