Monday Weigh-in

Hey-hey-hey! It’s been a week since my last blog entry. I’m sorry. There just isn’t much going on except for I started school again. Sigh. Back to doing homework. Fun. Anyway, I have been sticking around the house for whatever introvert reason I have. I did make one more trip to Auburn, Wa to visit my Dad and Russian Stepmother before they went back to Alaska. I have enjoyed my last two visits, as my Stepmother buys or makes interesting European treats for us to try. Plus, I enjoy her hospitality even though we hardly know each other. I know, too vague and too much information at the same time. We’ll get to that eventually.

So this weeks weigh-in is: 159.2. Very slow decline even though I ate nothing but protein and sweet potatoes for four days. Of course I dropped water weight, I got down to 158, but I settled at the 159.2 mark. It felt good to get my stomach issues in check, that’s why I went all low-carb. I didn’t do it to get fast results.

So far running has improved. I did six miles yesterday at a 13:20 pace! Huge improvement for me! I also did P90X Chest and Back today. I haven’t committed to P90X since our RV travel days, so I know I am going to be sore tomorrow! But I have to run, so I must put the big girl panties on and run!

I don’t really have any fun pictures of food or anything else, so here’s a picture of my daughter’s cat, Socks, looking like how I feel:

Socks in one of her favorite positions. I suppose the world looks so much better from this angle

Some deep thoughts on how I got to this point in my life (read on if you are truly interested):

After starting my so called diet-before-my-birthday, I realize I don’t really feel that bad about myself. I am just missing the “self” that I lost once we settled here. Before we left Alaska, I was very athletic, maybe 20% body fat (150 lbs for me), hiked all the time, cycled, snowmachined, and whatever! When we left Alaska and RV’d all over, I started to loose that person, but I found her when I bought a new bike and started biking all the time. I also ran in the desert, swam, hiked, and hard rock mined. I was fit and happy. Then, we kind of settled here in Washington, still up in the air on what to do. Then, we buy a house in a rural location, and I hit a wall. Poof! There goes all my motivation out the window. I went on a vacation from my year and a half RV tour. During this year, I experimented with baking. Big oops. But, we also got back into snowboarding, and I signed up for a half marathon. Because of two snowboard injuries, I quit training and never did this half marathon. So once I healed fully, I signed up for another. It is coming up in September. To make a long ass, wine-fuled story short, I feel like I have started at ground-zero. But I am working my way out of this hole. I don’t feel that bad about myself now because I realize I am truly a strong person just like I was in the past. I can do the things I put my mind to, even though I may be slower than some others or I can’t lift the same weights as I used to. But who cares! I am on my feet and still going forward.

Again, here’s to change. Major change, small change, and spare change!

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