I have Resurfaced!

Last time I wrote a post I finally went on a road run. Since then, we have been super busy. When my husband comes home for 3 weeks, he is home and we kind of go on vacation. Now that he is back to work for 3-4 weeks, I am getting back to a schedule. When he was home, we did all sorts of fun stuff! We went camping on the Olympic Peninsula at Salt Creek Rec Area. Such a fun time!

ImageAt Salt Water Creek Rec Area, we got to go tide pooling, which was awesome! We saw a bright red octopus, sea anemone’s, star fish, and tons of other little sea creatures!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWe truly had a great time. I love spending time on the beach exploring and listening to the sounds of the waves.

We also went to the Honda Celebration of Light in Vancouver, B.C. and the Vancouver Aquarium. What an amazing event! The fireworks display was like nothing I have ever seen before. It was so cool to join the thousands of people on the waterfront and enjoy such an exciting event. Luckily the hubs has a cousin who lives there, so we can park at her place and wander around town without having to worry about parking in town.

We went to Seattle a few times. The first time, we went to drop off my brother’s dog at his apartment then I seriously can’t remember what we did after that. Senior moment. On Friday, we went to the Washington Arboretum and walked around the park. It was so nice and warm.


ImageDefinitely a nice escape in the middle of the city.

I bet you think I’m finished, one more…I promise!

Yesterday, we went to Padilla Bay to walk the shore trail. That was okay, wasn’t quite what I was expecting. But I did find a place to take my daughter on her bike and I can run the 4.5 mile round trip.

ImageImageImageWhoa, we were busy this time around! I also had to squeeze in homework time!

Okay, so overall, my training has been in the dumps. I have been doing well with weight training, but running isn’t working out so well. I have still been dealing with tummy issues and it has been draining my energy levels. I have an appointment on the 22nd to try and figure out what is going on. So far, if I completely ixnay gluten, grains, and corn I feel okay. As soon as I add them in, my stomach goes haywire. I can run a few miles, but then I start to cramp up and I feel like I am being stabbed in the rib cage like I ate too much before running. I tried to run today, but I just couldn’t. I did .3 miles, and said FUCK THIS! I had my little tantrum and I will try again later or tomorrow. This is my first day of taking gluten, grains, and corn off my eat list for the long term, so maybe in a few days I will perk up.

Whew, that was a lot to cover, and a lot for you to take in huh? Ta for now!

2 thoughts on “I have Resurfaced!

  1. Thank you! I took them with my phone 🙂 I love how cell phones are coming out with better cameras, almost eliminates the need to carry a point and shoot camera.

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