Things to do Instead of a Half Marathon

Since we didn’t make it to Wenatchee for the half marathon, we decided on a home improvement weekend. I think my husband thought because we were saving a couple hundred dollars by not staying at a hotel, it justified a new TV. Well, okay, I can’t argue with that theory. We bought the new TV knowing we would have to slightly modify this built-in shelf that we have in the living room. The previous owners didn’t own a TV, so the living room doesn’t have a media friendly wall. This shelf we had, housed our old traveling TV we bought for the fifth wheel. It was small, but it worked. We don’t have cable or local television, all we do is watch movies, so a real TV wasn’t important to us. But, my husband got a twist in his boxers and decided it was time for the real deal. Anyhew, our built-in shelf re-model turned into a slight disaster. The top portion that we were going to re-use busted. Easy fix, we bought a cool piece of re-claimed, raw, rare wood bored to fix that. The disaster was a few trips to Home Depot to get a paint match for the paint color on the wall. We had these white stripes where the old owners painted behind the cabinet. The old paint color is like nine years old, and HD couldn’t make it match. We scratched the matching idea and decided to pain the interior a whole new color. Well, I get to paint the interior while he is out of town for work. That’s okay though, I am ready to change our 90’s contemporary interior anyway. Of course one project will lead to another, I am hoping for new counter tops next.

Socks the cat is adjusting to the re-arrangement

Our living room looks so much nicer now without the cluttered shelf. We really didn’t know what to do with that shelf in the past. We had my cook books, rock hounding books, gardening books, and my daughter’s home-schooling books on there and it was a mess! It was a junk shelf, but now it is much nicer than that.

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