Getting my Organizational Groove ON!

All this organizational talk in my Management course has me all hyped up to get organized. I miss being organized and following a plan. We don’t plan very well, but it works for us. I guess the closest thing I can do to planning is plan out my weekly menu and workout schedule instead of winging it. My goal is to be able to plan better when the hubs is home, especially when it comes to food. We tend to over do it, and I think we can ixnay that habbit. These past few weeks, because of our very busy active schedule, I have been very sore and exhausted. Now that I have a week of rest under my belt, I am ready to run again! Here is my first attempt at putting a menu and exercise schedule on paper! I am going to print it and keep in on my counter.

The schedule isn’t complete, I left Sunday out so far. I figure whatever is in the house will work for me. In case you didn’t  notice, my menu looks really paleo-ish. That’s because it is. Remember when I wrote about the food issues? Well, allergy testing has brought up a butt-ton of stuff! I don’t know all the details yet, I have a follow up appointment on October, 9th. But, I do know that I have a bunch of foods that are on the list that I truly need to avoid. This week, I am working on avoiding all dairy, coffee, and anything with sugar cane. I have already eliminated gluten and corn. I did have a glutenous weekend last weekend, and that KILLED my stomach, but I kind of think it was worth it, in a Dear John Letter sort of way. I am also working on avoiding grains. Apparently some grains showed up in my test as well. Geez that empty Sunday is driving me nuts, I will have to fix that after food shopping on Tuesday. Sorry, OCD moment. Anyway, so yes, my menu is very clean. I know that I will allow wine or bubbly 2-3 of those days, which doesn’t seem to bother my moody stomach. Whew, if I can’t have beer, a damn cupcake with frosting, and a mocha shake, at least I can have wine!

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