Before whole30

Okay, I just posted pictures of myself, “before” pictures of myself on the damn internet! That took guts I didn’t think I had, and now that I look at them I am ready to commit to the whole30 program. Really? I look this horrific? I decided to put on my jeans that button up, but obviously look like shit with sugar on top. Wow, I am still amazed.

before whole30before whole30before whole30We have booked a trip to Florida in February and I have no excuses between now and then to not complete the program. You can tell in the first picture that my upper gut is bloated, and my face looks puffy in the second picture. I felt like vomiting last night before bed because I ate pasta, so today I omitted gluten. I still feel crappy, but I know it will take a few days for my glutenous hangover to disappear. I AM SO READY FOR THE 2ND!

Okay, I think I am going to go hide my face under a pillow for a while because I am so embarrassed. Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Before whole30

  1. Go on with your bad self! In 30 days, this will all be but a memory! (Uh…that’s what I’m telling myself. haha)

    PS — I don’t think you look bad at all, for what it’s worth. But just think, in 30 days, YOU’LL LOOK EVEN BETTER!

    • Exactly, in 30 days I will be much more enthusiastic about posting after pics! Thank you, I know I don’t look that bad, it’s just I feel horrible. All this bloating puts a massive downer on how I feel about myself. I am not as active when I feel like this, and being active always changes my body image. Sigh, I CAN DO THIS!

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