whole30 Day 5, Check!

I am on day five of my whole30, and today was a breeze! My daughter and I went snowboarding at the crack of dawn, and I went prepared. I packed us crock pot beef that pulled apart with ease in our trusty Stanley lunch jars, carrots, and bananas. We ate breakfast at 6:45 then when we got up there I had to eat my banana because I was starving and I knew I couldn’t brave the cold and fresh snow without any energy. At 11:30 we were ready to go, and I surprised myself because I did’t need to eat. What? Who am I? I waited until 12:30 when we got home to dive into my delicious jar of beef. I impressed myself. After lunch, I had coffee and a hot bath. It was heaven.

Now, I am food and mentally prepping for tomorrow, because my husband gets home. When he is home for three weeks after working for three weeks, we go into vacation mode. NOT THIS TIME! He knows this too, and I mentally prepped him to tell me no if I have any temptation to cheat. Which I know that I won’t. I have steamed broccoli, baked chicken for my curried chicken salad with shredded spinach, and I have chopped sweet potatoes for sweet potato hash. Tomorrow, the hubs is coming home with a boat load of salmon from Alaska (I hope he is), and we are making a trip to Seattle to dink around and check out some meat shops. It sounds like we are going to be well stocked for the next month!

Whew, I cannot wait until my head hits this pillow tonight! Hope everyone is doing well, enjoy your week!

My Favorite Lunch

I survived day two of my whole30! Now on with day three. For lunch I had one of my favorites, roast chicken thighs and guacamole. I swear I could eat roast chicken everyday. Seriously. Today I brushed some garlic infused olive on the thighs, then sprinkled salt, pepper, onion powder, and smoked paprika all over them. So satisfying, especially with the guac. 



I think I might survive until dinner without feeling like a train wreck.

Getting my Organizational Groove ON!

All this organizational talk in my Management course has me all hyped up to get organized. I miss being organized and following a plan. We don’t plan very well, but it works for us. I guess the closest thing I can do to planning is plan out my weekly menu and workout schedule instead of winging it. My goal is to be able to plan better when the hubs is home, especially when it comes to food. We tend to over do it, and I think we can ixnay that habbit. These past few weeks, because of our very busy active schedule, I have been very sore and exhausted. Now that I have a week of rest under my belt, I am ready to run again! Here is my first attempt at putting a menu and exercise schedule on paper! I am going to print it and keep in on my counter.

The schedule isn’t complete, I left Sunday out so far. I figure whatever is in the house will work for me. In case you didn’t  notice, my menu looks really paleo-ish. That’s because it is. Remember when I wrote about the food issues? Well, allergy testing has brought up a butt-ton of stuff! I don’t know all the details yet, I have a follow up appointment on October, 9th. But, I do know that I have a bunch of foods that are on the list that I truly need to avoid. This week, I am working on avoiding all dairy, coffee, and anything with sugar cane. I have already eliminated gluten and corn. I did have a glutenous weekend last weekend, and that KILLED my stomach, but I kind of think it was worth it, in a Dear John Letter sort of way. I am also working on avoiding grains. Apparently some grains showed up in my test as well. Geez that empty Sunday is driving me nuts, I will have to fix that after food shopping on Tuesday. Sorry, OCD moment. Anyway, so yes, my menu is very clean. I know that I will allow wine or bubbly 2-3 of those days, which doesn’t seem to bother my moody stomach. Whew, if I can’t have beer, a damn cupcake with frosting, and a mocha shake, at least I can have wine!

An Ode to Roast Chicken

I can’t express how much I love roast chicken, I just LOVE IT! Roast chicken has been my staple for the last month, and If I don’t keep it stocked, our flock is at potential risk. I love the way my house smells while it is roasting, and I could make it for breakfast. Anyway, now that you have an understanding of my slightly odd obsession, here is a picture of roast chicken with fresh lettuce, baby swiss chard, and baby kale from our garden.

ImageI used a tad of TJ’s Greek Style Feta Dressing, which I also love. This is our first “real” year of gardening, and so far so good. We have enjoyed rainbow chard, some kale (chickens apparently love kale), a cabbage, and lettuce. I am so excited about the fact that I can go pick my dinner! I still buy my chicken, but I supply the veg. Back to the chicken. So my brother bought me this salt sampler for my birthday, which is perfect for me because I love salt. I have been using some of the salts on my roast chicken and I am amazed at how potent they are. Just a little goes a long way.

ImageTonight, I used the Cyprus Black Flake, pasture butter, onion powder, and garlic powder. Oh. My. Yum. Sigh.

Let’s change the subject before I go and eat another thigh. So I have been doing okay in the training department. I have been running outside during my daughter’s soccer practice. There is a track at the school that is all gravel and has a little hill that another soccer mom and I like to “power up”. I have been pretty sore from running around that dang track, but I think that is a good thing.

So this is what this month looks like:

ImageNot a lot of miles, but that’s okay. In two weeks, I am doing the River Run at The Taste of The Harvest Festival with a good friend of mine, and we have both agreed that we just need to finish the 1/2. Our goal is under three hours, which I am pretty sure with the excitement of it all I should be able to pull off. I don’t mind running as far as I can, then run/walking in order to finish. So far, when I finish six miles, I don’t feel like it has put a dent in my day. I guess that means I need to push myself more? I dunno. Anyway, it’s for the wine garden and tech shirt at the finish line right? I have also been trying out some GU’s, which I cannot stand so far. I know they help, but the cherry-lime thing I tried didn’t taste all that great.

ImageI guess I just need to suck it up and suck em’ down. Boy I am getting excited for this event! Now I just need to get a fanny pack so I can stash all my GU’s and my tablet sized phone!

So there is my life summed up in a few weeks, besides school, homeschooling, housewife duties, and soccer practice this is what I have been doing. Now that I am done with homework, I can drink bubbly and knit.ImageI am knitting a hat for my brother, a hat I promised six months ago. I sure hope I don’t have a tantrum and rip it out like I have done several times in the past.


Saturday Eats!

Happy Saturday to you all, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. My daughter and I have been enjoying this lovely sun in our own backyard, but tomorrow we are off to the park. After yesterdays bear sighting, we were pretty loud in our yard. We watered the garden, chased chickens and ducks, and lounged around. Luckily, no bear!

Our flock

My food intake today is nothing to brag about, but it isn’t horrid either. Here is what I ate today:



Breakfast: toast, 1 slice goat dutch cheese, 1 egg, greek yogurt, and Starbucks iced vanilla latte (freebie from yesterday when they messed up my order)

Snack: banana

About an hour after my snack, I did 3.1 miles on the treadmill in 37:55. I think I am ready to take my daughter with her bike to Birch Bay this week. It is sunny, and I think I need to get off the treadmill for a run.

Lunch: TJ’s Palak Paneer over jasmine rice. So yummy! I could eat this all the time

Snack: Kind Bar Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

Dinner: 1/2 lb beef patty, 2 slices toast, cheese, 6 cherry tomatoes

Dessert: beer on the porch

For this next week, I don’t really want to use myfitness pal. I know I should, but I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what portions I need to eat, what I need to change, etc…I have planned 2 side dishes that I will cook to accompany some meats. My breakfasts will stay the same, because I am not a big breakfast person and don’t need the variety. My lunches will also stay the same, revolving around leftovers, or a simple veggie with meat. What I will change this upcoming week is my alcohol intake. That is my calorie problem right there! I drink water all day. At night, I just want something else! Maybe I need to try sparkling water or one natural cola to satisfy that craving. I know I also need to add more vegetables, but right now, I don’t want them. I love avocados, brussel sprouts, and much more! I just need simplicity right now.

Well folks, tomorrow is my last fun-filled-food-picture journal! I know, I am sad too. But, I will still post my weekly stats, so don’t fret. I have my shopping list ready for tomorrow, and my motivation in tow. I know this upcoming week will be a success as well…if not better!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Fun Friday Eats!

Today I decided on an “off” day. I didn’t want to diet and I didn’t want to run. I did however, want to stick to a maintenance day. When I woke up, I was feeling tired and sore, so I knew I needed it. Today, my daughter and I went to Bellingham for a chiropractor appointment, and I only hit up Starbucks for an iced soy latte…not bad for me. Usually I get a breakfast sandwich to go with the iced latte, but today I knew I could wait to get home to eat TJ’s sushi. So here is my food for the day:


Breakfast: Envirokidz cereal with 1% milk

Lunch: TJ’s spicy california roll with Starbucks iced vanilla soy latte

Snack: TJ’s peanut butter cups

Dinner: leftover roast chicken and TJ’s red lentil masala

Dessert: 4 beers (still working on it)

So that’s why I gained weight! I was drinking my calories. I am so ashamed. Oh well, I see the culprit now. I could have fixed that with running, but again, I needed a rest day. No biggy! Anyway, while enjoying this beer, a black bear decided to visit. I live in a Twilight movie scene, and it is out in the middle of nowhere, so bears and all sorts of wildlife are very common. I didn’t expect to see a black bear while sunning on my porch! I love wildlife and where I live, BUT…I had to round up these girls:

Of course this kind of thing happens when my husband is away at work. I yelled at the bear and took off like mama hen to protect her flock! I got six chickens and two ducks rounded up and into their coop in record time. Luckily, the coop is near our dog run, so they will let me know if there are any wanna be intruders. I guess I will be missing some sleep, but these girls are our egg layers and we love them like our pets.

See you tomorrow!

4th of July Eats!

“Liberty is the breath of life to nations”
George Bernard Shaw

Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone who is celebrating is doing so responsibly and respectfully. Today has been pretty quiet around here. It is just 2 of us, my daughter and myself, so we had our own little party today. My daughter decorated with drawings of flags and fireworks, and fireworks that we made with paper. She also made a great poster with colorful letters and glitter. Boy, she loves to decorate, and she loves to get up around 5:30am before the rest of us to do it. I love that creative streak in her.

Here is another picture story of what I ate today. I did okay today, noting to beat myself up over.


Breakfast: toast with goat dutch cheese and 1 egg, greek yogurt, and coffee

Snack: Cooking Light Tomato Basil Soup

Lunch: left over 1/4lb beef patty with 1 slice bread and 1 slice fontina, roast green beans and tomatoes

Snack: TJ’s peanut butter cups

Snack: banana

Dinner: Cooking Light Cilantro Rice with Chicken. Wasn’t good. At all

Mowed the lawn with this bad boy. That is hard work! Took me 50 minutes and 283 calories.

Dessert: wine

I didn’t run today, I decided to take the day off because we played in the sun instead. Glad the sun made an appearance, to me, that is the ultimate firework! Now, my daughter has planned movie night, we are watching “Aliens in the Attic” because it is 4th of July related. When it gets dark out, we are going to use up our sparklers and a fountain. I have no idea what a fountain is, I guess I will find out. Firework safety first right?

Toodle-Ly-Doo till’ tomorrow!