Getting my Organizational Groove ON!

All this organizational talk in my Management course has me all hyped up to get organized. I miss being organized and following a plan. We don’t plan very well, but it works for us. I guess the closest thing I can do to planning is plan out my weekly menu and workout schedule instead of winging it. My goal is to be able to plan better when the hubs is home, especially when it comes to food. We tend to over do it, and I think we can ixnay that habbit. These past few weeks, because of our very busy active schedule, I have been very sore and exhausted. Now that I have a week of rest under my belt, I am ready to run again! Here is my first attempt at putting a menu and exercise schedule on paper! I am going to print it and keep in on my counter.

The schedule isn’t complete, I left Sunday out so far. I figure whatever is in the house will work for me. In case you didn’t  notice, my menu looks really paleo-ish. That’s because it is. Remember when I wrote about the food issues? Well, allergy testing has brought up a butt-ton of stuff! I don’t know all the details yet, I have a follow up appointment on October, 9th. But, I do know that I have a bunch of foods that are on the list that I truly need to avoid. This week, I am working on avoiding all dairy, coffee, and anything with sugar cane. I have already eliminated gluten and corn. I did have a glutenous weekend last weekend, and that KILLED my stomach, but I kind of think it was worth it, in a Dear John Letter sort of way. I am also working on avoiding grains. Apparently some grains showed up in my test as well. Geez that empty Sunday is driving me nuts, I will have to fix that after food shopping on Tuesday. Sorry, OCD moment. Anyway, so yes, my menu is very clean. I know that I will allow wine or bubbly 2-3 of those days, which doesn’t seem to bother my moody stomach. Whew, if I can’t have beer, a damn cupcake with frosting, and a mocha shake, at least I can have wine!

The Race that Never Happened

Wenatchee Wild Fire


So last time I blogged, I was getting nervous and excited for the River Run at The Taste of The Harvest Festival, but it got cancelled due to poor air quality because of wild fires in the area. My friend and I were super bummed, we had this whole weekend planned out and it was all we could talk about. During the last two weeks, I took it easy. I only walked or lightly ran during my daughter’s soccer practice. I was feeling pretty nervous about my shin splints and crampy calves holding up to 13.1 miles, but I didn’t have to fret after all. Instead, we went to my daughter’s soccer game and enjoyed some home improvement. Hopefully next year, our schedules will mesh and we can attempt to run this one again. In the mean time, I would like to find a happy medium with weight training and running. I have really put weight training on the back burner for the last few months. I want to also continue to train like I have a half marathon at the end of every month, because I enjoy it. I like the feeling of accomplishment and pride. I would also love to work on improving my time, I want to be that person that can run under 9-minute miles for a long distance, and right now I am having a hard time believing I can. In time…in time.

An Ode to Roast Chicken

I can’t express how much I love roast chicken, I just LOVE IT! Roast chicken has been my staple for the last month, and If I don’t keep it stocked, our flock is at potential risk. I love the way my house smells while it is roasting, and I could make it for breakfast. Anyway, now that you have an understanding of my slightly odd obsession, here is a picture of roast chicken with fresh lettuce, baby swiss chard, and baby kale from our garden.

ImageI used a tad of TJ’s Greek Style Feta Dressing, which I also love. This is our first “real” year of gardening, and so far so good. We have enjoyed rainbow chard, some kale (chickens apparently love kale), a cabbage, and lettuce. I am so excited about the fact that I can go pick my dinner! I still buy my chicken, but I supply the veg. Back to the chicken. So my brother bought me this salt sampler for my birthday, which is perfect for me because I love salt. I have been using some of the salts on my roast chicken and I am amazed at how potent they are. Just a little goes a long way.

ImageTonight, I used the Cyprus Black Flake, pasture butter, onion powder, and garlic powder. Oh. My. Yum. Sigh.

Let’s change the subject before I go and eat another thigh. So I have been doing okay in the training department. I have been running outside during my daughter’s soccer practice. There is a track at the school that is all gravel and has a little hill that another soccer mom and I like to “power up”. I have been pretty sore from running around that dang track, but I think that is a good thing.

So this is what this month looks like:

ImageNot a lot of miles, but that’s okay. In two weeks, I am doing the River Run at The Taste of The Harvest Festival with a good friend of mine, and we have both agreed that we just need to finish the 1/2. Our goal is under three hours, which I am pretty sure with the excitement of it all I should be able to pull off. I don’t mind running as far as I can, then run/walking in order to finish. So far, when I finish six miles, I don’t feel like it has put a dent in my day. I guess that means I need to push myself more? I dunno. Anyway, it’s for the wine garden and tech shirt at the finish line right? I have also been trying out some GU’s, which I cannot stand so far. I know they help, but the cherry-lime thing I tried didn’t taste all that great.

ImageI guess I just need to suck it up and suck em’ down. Boy I am getting excited for this event! Now I just need to get a fanny pack so I can stash all my GU’s and my tablet sized phone!

So there is my life summed up in a few weeks, besides school, homeschooling, housewife duties, and soccer practice this is what I have been doing. Now that I am done with homework, I can drink bubbly and knit.ImageI am knitting a hat for my brother, a hat I promised six months ago. I sure hope I don’t have a tantrum and rip it out like I have done several times in the past.


I have Resurfaced!

Last time I wrote a post I finally went on a road run. Since then, we have been super busy. When my husband comes home for 3 weeks, he is home and we kind of go on vacation. Now that he is back to work for 3-4 weeks, I am getting back to a schedule. When he was home, we did all sorts of fun stuff! We went camping on the Olympic Peninsula at Salt Creek Rec Area. Such a fun time!

ImageAt Salt Water Creek Rec Area, we got to go tide pooling, which was awesome! We saw a bright red octopus, sea anemone’s, star fish, and tons of other little sea creatures!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWe truly had a great time. I love spending time on the beach exploring and listening to the sounds of the waves.

We also went to the Honda Celebration of Light in Vancouver, B.C. and the Vancouver Aquarium. What an amazing event! The fireworks display was like nothing I have ever seen before. It was so cool to join the thousands of people on the waterfront and enjoy such an exciting event. Luckily the hubs has a cousin who lives there, so we can park at her place and wander around town without having to worry about parking in town.

We went to Seattle a few times. The first time, we went to drop off my brother’s dog at his apartment then I seriously can’t remember what we did after that. Senior moment. On Friday, we went to the Washington Arboretum and walked around the park. It was so nice and warm.


ImageDefinitely a nice escape in the middle of the city.

I bet you think I’m finished, one more…I promise!

Yesterday, we went to Padilla Bay to walk the shore trail. That was okay, wasn’t quite what I was expecting. But I did find a place to take my daughter on her bike and I can run the 4.5 mile round trip.

ImageImageImageWhoa, we were busy this time around! I also had to squeeze in homework time!

Okay, so overall, my training has been in the dumps. I have been doing well with weight training, but running isn’t working out so well. I have still been dealing with tummy issues and it has been draining my energy levels. I have an appointment on the 22nd to try and figure out what is going on. So far, if I completely ixnay gluten, grains, and corn I feel okay. As soon as I add them in, my stomach goes haywire. I can run a few miles, but then I start to cramp up and I feel like I am being stabbed in the rib cage like I ate too much before running. I tried to run today, but I just couldn’t. I did .3 miles, and said FUCK THIS! I had my little tantrum and I will try again later or tomorrow. This is my first day of taking gluten, grains, and corn off my eat list for the long term, so maybe in a few days I will perk up.

Whew, that was a lot to cover, and a lot for you to take in huh? Ta for now!

I Finally Took it to the Road!

The hubs surprised us last night and came home from work a few days early. This morning I woke up and figured I should spend some time to myself and run to town and have him pick me up. It worked out perfect! I fianally got off the treadmill!




Man, running downhill is kinda hard! It really works out different muscles. After my hilly descent into town my legs felt like jell-o!



It felt so good to get out and enjoy this gorgeous day. I think I will do this again!

Monday Weigh-in

Why hello there! I have been absent, yes I have. Last week was sort of lame (TMI alert), I had stomach issues, and every time I did anything strenuous I thought I was going to crap my pants. It wasn’t very fun. I had the worst time sleeping! I would wake up in the middle of the night with the worst stomach cramps, and it would continue when I woke again in the morning.

It’s a lovely toilet!


I don’t think it was the flu, because my daughter is fine. I am going to blame the glutenous beer and bread that I was eating. So, for two days, I have been eating low-carb/grain free and I feel so much better! I am going to continue on with this way of eating for a while. If I don’t get better, it’s off to the doctor I go, which I prefer natural/nutritional healing. Anyway, yesterday’s weigh in was okay. I weighed in at 159.6, which is a slow improvement from two weeks ago. I felt good enough to run today, so I did four miles. The first three miles I did in 37:08, then I walked the remaining mile. I finished the four miles in 54:40.

Tomorrow, my daughter and I are going to Birch Bay. She gets to ride her bike while I run. Hopefully this gorgeous weather is still on for tomorrow!

See ya later!

Monday Weigh-In

Today’s weigh-in sucked. I weighed in at 163.1. I know that it isn’t possible to gain almost a pound from what I have been eating. A pound of fat contains 3,500 calories. So, unless I ate that while sleeping, I am going to blame PMS. Hopefully next week will look better. To help with the bloating, I stuck to whole-foods, low salt, and lots of water. I didn’t really run today because I have shin splints. I decided to suck it up and do some intervals on incline 3 for 1.3 miles. I also did a 30 minute weight routine.

I obviously don’t have a lot to report, except that I went to the dentist today! Yay! Tomorrow my daughter and I are headed south of Seattle to visit my Dad. He flew down from Alaska for 3 weeks to work on his house he bought in the spring.

See you when I have something more interesting to tell you!