Quitting is NOT an Option!

I am nearing the end of my second day on whole30, and I am feeling pretty achy and hungry. It doesn’t feel like physical hunger, but like I want a big o’ pizza hunger. Do I really want junk? No! So far yesterday and this morning went really well, but now I am hanging on by a thread, a splitting thread. I sure hope dinner is ready soon! I have Mediterranean lamb in the crock pot and it smells good!

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013! 

My daughter and I went to bed nice and early so we could wake at the crack of dawn to go snowboarding at Mt. Baker. It was worth it! It was beautiful, sunny, and just the right temperature. We beat the crowds, got in a few runs, then headed home. Perfect way to ring in the new year!


Happy New Year from Mt. Baker

ImageI am looking forward to tomorrow, the start of my whole30! I am prepped and ready to go. I have roasted a chicken, made some spinach and walnut meatballs, and cleared the fridge of any possible temptations. Here’s to discipline!

Before whole30

Okay, I just posted pictures of myself, “before” pictures of myself on the damn internet! That took guts I didn’t think I had, and now that I look at them I am ready to commit to the whole30 program. Really? I look this horrific? I decided to put on my jeans that button up, but obviously look like shit with sugar on top. Wow, I am still amazed.

before whole30before whole30before whole30We have booked a trip to Florida in February and I have no excuses between now and then to not complete the program. You can tell in the first picture that my upper gut is bloated, and my face looks puffy in the second picture. I felt like vomiting last night before bed because I ate pasta, so today I omitted gluten. I still feel crappy, but I know it will take a few days for my glutenous hangover to disappear. I AM SO READY FOR THE 2ND!

Okay, I think I am going to go hide my face under a pillow for a while because I am so embarrassed. Happy New Year!

2013 Goals

I cannot believe that 2013 is right around the corner! I think it’s funny that sometimes I feel like the year is moving at a snails pace, then all of a sudden the end of the year is near. With that in mind, this year I don’t really feel like I accomplished anything. Maybe because I never set goals last year…hmmmm, whowouldathunk not accomplishing anything may have something to do with not setting goals, large or small. We have made plenty of small, last minute goals that we accomplish, but that’s why we set them. They are easy. For this upcoming year, I have started writing out what I want to accomplish or change in my life. Everything from food to social media is on that list. Here is what I have so far:

Eat healthier

  1. Complete a whole30
  2. Reach my goal weight of 145-150lbs
  3. Eat allergy free!

Exercise more

  1. Get at least 10,000 steps in per day
  2. Run 3 times per week
  3. Weight train 2-3 times per week
  4. Have more fun!

Be more supporting…of myself

  1. Stop beating myself up for stupid stuff
  2. Try to be less perfect
  3. Accept my flaws

Read more

  1. Rent a Kindle book that I normally wouldn’t read
  2. Encourage my daughter to read more

Get less sleep

  1. Go to bed AFTER 8pm

Social media

  1. Ignore thoughtless, negative status posts on Facebook
  2. Take nothing personal on Facebook
  3. Blog more
  4. Start blob blog Facebook page (maybe)

I am starting a whole30 program on January, 2. I am doing this mainly because I have strayed from eating allergy free and it is causing stomach upset, crap-tastic skin, and an overall massive, negative body image. After reading about it, I decided it is the right direction for me to go. Holly Would If She Could did a great post on reasons to do a whole30, and after I read that I knew it was time to commit. Of course doing a whole30 will help me reach my eating healthier goals.

My husband got us fitbit’s for our twelve year wedding anniversary, and it has seriously made me re-evaluate how active I really am. I am embarrassed to say that I am not that active. Even if I run three miles, I do not make the daily goal of 10,000 steps. I need to work on that.

My next goal of being more supportive of myself is something that I have been working on for quite some time, and I will be working on it for quite a long time.

I have just purchased a Kindle Fire HD, and I am in LOVE! So much better than reading like 10 words per page on my Galaxy SIII Kindle App. My goal is to read a new book a month that I normally wouldn’t choose. As an Amazon Prime member, you can rent free books and I am going to use the heck out of that resource.

I have been so tired lately, and I am hoping that a whole30 program will help alleviate some of the fatigue that I experience when I eat foods that I am allergic to. I am in bed by 8pm, sometimes earlier, and I sleep until seven. Sometimes I am not tired enough when I fall asleep and I lay awake for hours after 1am. So frustrating, and it can ruin my day and leave unruly, dark circles under my eyes.

Finally, well for now anyway, social media. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love keeping up with old friends, new friends, and family. But I hate how negative and thoughtless their status updates can be. Shiz really hit the fan after the election and I realized how lame people really are. I mean, some of them continue to call themselves a Christian after their rude, thoughtless, and bullying comments about the Democratic party. Anyway, I pretty much said EF this, and I have been slowly weening myself off of Facebook and hiding some peoples status’s and post’s. I also want to blog more, and I will be blogging more while doing to whole30. Jeez, this whole30 is related to many of my goals! I may not have many readers, but I still feel accountable for what I blog, so I like the support of blogging. I also want to meet new people through blogging, people with similar interests or different ones.

Well, there are my goals, or at least some of them. It will be neat to look back at this list in six months to see where I stand and what I need to re-evaluate or add on. I really think creating a list and writing about them really helped me look deeper into my goals and what I need to do in order to accomplish them.

Happy New Year Everyone! See you in 2013!

Hello There!

I disappeared for a while, and I do not have a valid excuse for it. I. Am. Lame. Anyway, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want out of blog and what direction I want this blog to go in. I know for sure that I want to blog to meet new people and learn new things. I also want to share my life experiences, my fitness goals, and my achievements. I know I will get better at it, and it will take time to find my voice. So please hang in there!

Getting my Organizational Groove ON!

All this organizational talk in my Management course has me all hyped up to get organized. I miss being organized and following a plan. We don’t plan very well, but it works for us. I guess the closest thing I can do to planning is plan out my weekly menu and workout schedule instead of winging it. My goal is to be able to plan better when the hubs is home, especially when it comes to food. We tend to over do it, and I think we can ixnay that habbit. These past few weeks, because of our very busy active schedule, I have been very sore and exhausted. Now that I have a week of rest under my belt, I am ready to run again! Here is my first attempt at putting a menu and exercise schedule on paper! I am going to print it and keep in on my counter.

The schedule isn’t complete, I left Sunday out so far. I figure whatever is in the house will work for me. In case you didn’t  notice, my menu looks really paleo-ish. That’s because it is. Remember when I wrote about the food issues? Well, allergy testing has brought up a butt-ton of stuff! I don’t know all the details yet, I have a follow up appointment on October, 9th. But, I do know that I have a bunch of foods that are on the list that I truly need to avoid. This week, I am working on avoiding all dairy, coffee, and anything with sugar cane. I have already eliminated gluten and corn. I did have a glutenous weekend last weekend, and that KILLED my stomach, but I kind of think it was worth it, in a Dear John Letter sort of way. I am also working on avoiding grains. Apparently some grains showed up in my test as well. Geez that empty Sunday is driving me nuts, I will have to fix that after food shopping on Tuesday. Sorry, OCD moment. Anyway, so yes, my menu is very clean. I know that I will allow wine or bubbly 2-3 of those days, which doesn’t seem to bother my moody stomach. Whew, if I can’t have beer, a damn cupcake with frosting, and a mocha shake, at least I can have wine!